Как установить schematic в minecraft

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Hello! I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to use WorldEdit to load or create schematics!

What are schematics? Schematics are kind of like a miniature world save, except they can be downloaded and uploaded much faster to your server using the WorldEdit plugin.

Make sure that you have WorldEdit installed before you begin!

==Uploading Schematics to Your Server==

==Downloading a Schematic==

2. If you are signing up for the first time, enter your username, password, and email address

3. Check your email for the verification link (Check your spam folder too!)

4. After you verify your account, log in with the username and password you had chosen

5. Go to the Search page and type in what ever type of schematic it is that you’re looking for

6. Press the search button of the bottom of the page and click the picture of the schematic you would like to download

7. Scroll down and click Download

8. Once the page has loaded, click Download schematic file

9. Save it wherever you would like

10. Once it has downloaded, click Open folder

11. Drag & drop the .schematic file into your WorldEdit schematics folder (Your server folder> Plugins> WorldEdit> Schematics)

==If you are Using a Server Host==

12. Log into your server panel and go to your server FTP

13. Go to your Plugins folder

14. Go to WorldEdit and go into the Schematics folder

15. Upload the .schematic file you downloaded earlier

==Uploading Your Schematic==

16. Go into your server and type /WE reload

17. Type /schematic load (NOTE: You CANNOT upload schematics if their name has a space in it. You can easily rename it using a _ instead of a space, though!)

18. Now you type //paste

==Creating Your own Schematics==

20. Start by creating your own build that you would like to turn into a schematic

21. Use WorldEdit to select your build (Get a Wooden Axe and left-click one corner then right-click the other corner)

22. After selecting your build, type /copy

23. Now that you have copied your build, type //schematic save (The name can be anything you choose. That part is totally up to you.)

24. Use //schematic load to load your schematic and /paste to paste it!

25. Enjoy downloading and creating schematics!

Feel free to comment, diamond, or subscribe! It would be much appreciated!

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