Как сделать фулскрин в майнкрафт

Не додумался иначе назвать тему.
В общем, проблема такая. Есть фильм что идёт по кругу. Хочу сделать 2 различные по внешнему виду кнопки: «fullscreen on» и «fullscreen off».
При этом чтобы в зависимости от режима экрана отображалась только нужная кнопка. Например, если делаю фуллскрин кнопка закрыть появлялась а открыть — исчезала.
Я на кнопки написал:

Всё работает но когда при фулскрине доходит до 1-го кадра кнопка «fullscreen off» исчезает. В нём прописано чтобы закрывающая кнопка была невидимая.
В начале фильма же мне нужно чтобы «on» была видимая, а «off» — невидимая.

Instructions for people who couldn’t understand the video. Still sorry bout the sound.This is for Windows 7/8.

1) Go to Start Menu and type in %appdata%
That should open your Roaming File.
2) Click on .minecraft
3) Scroll down till you see the file that says Options. It should have a the image of a note beside it.
4) Right Click it , then hit Open With, select WordPad.
5) Scroll down and look for the file that will say»fullscreen:true»
6) Highlight the word true and replace it with false.
* Make sure not to remove the : *
7) Hit the X button in the top right corner and Save the file.
This works for any minecraft version!

In Minecraft but when I press F11 it looks like it’s zoomed in. I play on Windows. I have tried to do when I start the game, it start in full screen mode but still don’t work Graphic card AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

I believe I know what you are talking about, and if so, go in to your pause menu, into «Options» then to «Video Settings» then you are going to want to change your «GUI Scale» from «Auto» to «Normal.» I hope I could have been of assistance to you. ^_^

  1. Locate your javaw.exe file, default is something like this C:\Program Files\Java\jre8\bin
  2. Right click — properties
  3. Select Compatibility, click Change High DPI settings
  4. Tick Override high DPI scaling behavior, select Application
  5. Restart minecraft

It’s probably the difference between Minecraft’s own fullscreen mode, and the Windows version / graphics card version of it. When you press F11, it’s just stretched, but when you go into the options and choose fullscreen, Minecraft will render your screen.

Try going into fullscreen through Minecraft, and if that doesn’t work, plug in your monitor to something else that isn’t the graphics card.

Best solution mate is go to your desktop. Right click and go to your «Display Settings». Then when you see (scale and layout) and underneath where you have a drop-down menu on where it says (Change settings size text ,app and items). Then switch the option back to normal (100%). And that’s it, and that would I had to do to fix my issue.

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