Что такое velocity в майнкрафт

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United Kingdom

Status Offline Pinged: 11/20/13
Game Version Minecraft 1.4
Connect With
Players 0/6
RID 1715589

IGN (minecraft name) : staplezjay
location: new zealand (city is auckland)

how you will help: well i want to help out the server advertise try make it an awesome place to play and a fun server that everyone will enjoy and i want to to make new fun and awesome stuff for the server to make it a better server and im sure the server can not be filled with gay hackers i would be on /vanish and watch them if they are using x-ray or hacking

why i am applying : well i just want you to know i love this server and i know many staff / admin / op commands
and i know world edit alot i want to help out everyone who is in glitches or lost they’re stuff by a glitch to give them back they’re stuff that they lost from a glitch or so i want it to be a nice different server.

Experience: im very good with listening and understanding and i will allways for the rules to make a good staff and im also know as a pro helper on another server and im a very good builder,designer for minecraft i’ve made many spawns for people. and ill never give up ill keep trying thats my style .

other: i want to say that i’ve been trusted on alot of servers but some of servers i lost by trying to do somthing and accidentally deleting the minecraft folder but i want everyone to have fun and make this a great commuity

thank you for reading this i really hope that im the chosen one

Velocity is a Minecraft server proxy with unparalleled server support, scalability, and flexibility.

Whether you plan to be a friends-only collection of servers or aiming to become the next big Minecraft server, you can trust Velocity to power your network.

You can set up Velocity in just a few minutes. No need to muck around with a bunch of different configuration files or install dubious plugins on your server.

Velocity comes with excellent support for Paper, Sponge, and Minecraft Forge. We’re also able to respond to Minecraft updates quickly, so you’ll never have an excuse to not update.

Velocity comes with IP forwarding that is secure by default. Simply choose a secure password and put it in your server configurations. Help ward off griefers with hacked clients!

Velocity is a Minecraft server proxy with unparalleled server support, scalability, and flexibility.

A Minecraft server proxy with unparalleled server support, scalability, and flexibility.

Velocity is licensed under the MIT license for ultimate permissiveness and expanding the pool of potential contributors and users.

  • A codebase that is easy to dive into and consistently follows best practices for Java projects as much as reasonably possible.
  • High performance: handle thousands of players on one proxy.
  • A new, refreshing API built from the ground up to be flexible and powerful whilst avo >

Velocity is built with Gradle. We recommend using the wrapper script ( ./gradlew ) as our CI builds using it.

It is sufficient to run ./gradlew build to run the full build cycle.

Once you’ve built Velocity, you can copy and run the -all JAR from proxy/build/libs . Velocity will generate a default configuration file and you can configure it from there.

Alternatively, you can get the proxy JAR from the downloads page.

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