Что такое карма в майнкрафт

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Status Online! Pinged: 08/26/19
Game Version Minecraft 1.8.9
Connect With
Players 6/500
RID 3777376

Karma Network
The Minecraft Anime Community, provided by the players, for the players. We’re an upcoming revamped network, here to provide the best Anime in Minecraft experience. Running servers on 24/7 dedicated server machines, poor server performance & hosting sites are now a thing of the past. Sword Art Online is the first in our line of upcoming anime servers, hope to see you at our launch!

An MMORPG server based off the popular anime & light novel series, Sword Art Online. Dedicated to bringing you the most accurate representation of the VRMMO, we’re striving to work on a 1/10th scale Aincrad, with floors spanning 1,000 blocks in diameter, up to the Ruby Castle on Floor 10.

Several features include a custom Guild & Guild Ranking system, Sword Skills, Parties, Dungeons, Monster AI, Unique Skills, Inn rooms, Crafting, and more! Mine for materials or Build in your personal home! Customize your player build, using Attribute Parameters such as Strength, Agility, or Luck!

Floor 1 consists of several biomes with Forests, Fields, and Mountains with over 1+ Million Blocks in open-world surface area to explore. 4 Towns are scattered throughout the 1:10 Scale Floor, alongside 100+ Player Homes, 80+ Shops, and 50+ Monsters! You can challenge the Floor Dungeon at any time and scour the labyrinth to challenge Illfang the Kobold Lord.

Floor 2 a mountainous floor with a chilly North. Trek the Mountains and Forests of the second floor, which challenges the player with winding roads and powerful foes. Urbus the hub of the 2nd Floor has 50+ Player Homes and several Guild Halls available for purchase! Defeat the Fallen Paladin to gain entry to the Castle Town Hythil, shrouded in mystery. Enter the Floor 2 Dungeon and break the puzzles, labyrinths, and locks to challenge the Floor Boss.

At around 30 Quests per floor, Quests and Adventures provide content-rich gameplay to the players trapped within! Unlock Extra or Unique skills via Quests! Obtain rare rings and necklaces by clearing Raid Dungeons! And conquer the Floating Castle of Stone and Steel by defeating each Floor Boss! Join the best Minecraft Sword Art Online experience at Karma Network!

Hello everyone! I’m Inorichi. I’m the owner and builder behind the mcMMORPG Project!

I’ve been a fan of Sword Art Online since 2012 and as a long time Minecraft player was excited for servers such as Minecrad. However, I was quickly disappointed by the many unfinished projects or the few «pay to win» servers that did exist. After leaving the Anime Minecraft community behind, I decided to take up the torch that’s been abandoned many times over and started on this massive project known as the mcMMORPG SAO Project!

As a long time gamer, I still consider myself a player first and foremost. We’re here to provide the best possible experience Minecraft SAO experience to you, the player. An experience that isn’t about the money or profits, but the quality of gameplay and delivering upon our promise to everyone who has and continues to support us. Hope to see you online!

Contribute to Karma Network
All support is welcome! No special skills needed, if you have a passion to help, we’re willing to teach you, whether this be building, quest writing, or mob creation! Friendly, enthusiastic players wanted.

Have experience in Java? Extensive knowledge of the BukkitAPI? Contact us via Forums or Discord!

Our Network Policy
Karma Network and its staff are here to provide you a server experience that’s competitive, friendly, and entertaining. Our management and staff are reasonable, we can take a joke and we understand that players will get into arguments. We will make sure every punishment is fair and that a player has warnings before actions are taken.

Join us as the gate to the Second Floor of the Floating Castle activates!

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