Что такое хорус в майнкрафт

Chorus Plants are a tree-like structure found in the outer island in The End. When broken, they yield 0–1 Chorus Fruit which can teleport one a few blocks when eaten.

At the top of each fully-grown plant, a player may find between 1 and 5 chorus flowers. These should be harvested first, as they are otherwise lost.

Chorus plants are planted by placing a chorus flower on a block of endstone. They will grow in any dimension, any biome, at any height, and in any light level. The plant may grow between 3 and 20 blocks high (from observation, small chance of shorter or taller plants exists). While growing, the chorus plant may ‘fork’ into multiple shoots, resulting in multiple chorus flowers.

At the top of each shoot is a chorus flower which can only be harvested when growing is complete. The chorus flower’s appearance is used to determine whether the chorus plant has finished growing or not. While still growing, the chorus flower will have a white center on each face. Once the chorus plant has finished growing, the chorus flower’s center on each face will turn yellow.

To harvest, the chorus flowers must first be collected (otherwise they are destroyed), and the stalk-like part of the chorus plant can be harvested by breaking the bottom block, similar to sugarcane and cacti, yielding 0–1 chorus fruit per block of the stalk. Unlike sugarcane or cacti, however, the chorus plant will not regrow from anything other than a freshly-planted chorus flower.

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