Что делает электролизер в майнкрафт

New Item/Block of IndustrialCraft² .

Type Machine
Armor rating <<>>
Damage <<>>
Durability <<>>
Mining level <<>>
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Danger <<>>
Protection <<>>
Storage <<>>
Liquid Storage <<>> mB
Previous tier <<>>
Next tier <<>>
Energy Consumption
Max EU Input <<>>
EU Use 2(batbox), 8(MFE), 32(MFSU) EU/t
20000 EU per cell
EU Per Operation <<>>
EU Storage <<>> EU
EU Production <<>> EU/t
Max EU Output <<>>
Max Heat Input <<>> HU/t
Heat Use <<>> HU/t
Heat Production <<>> HU/t
Max Kinetic Input <<>> KU/t
Kinetic Use <<>> KU/t
Kinetic Production <<>> KU/t
Technical Details
Operation Length <<>> Seconds
UU Cost <<>>
First appearance <<>>
Last appearance <<>>
ID IC2:<<>>
Flow Speed <<>> m/s
Player Speed <<>>

Electrolyzers store EUs when placed adjacent to an energy storage block by converting (regular) water cells into electrolyzed water cells and vice versa. Charging occurs when the storage block is over 70% full and discharging occurs when less than 25% full. Electrolyzed cells suffer a penalty to efficiency when discharging depending on the adjacent storage block. Speed also differs between storage blocks.

In the most recent version of IC2, the Electrolyzer is useless. Electrolyzed water cells are no longer a thing, and right now the Electrolyzer produces hydrogen and oxygen from water. Hydrogen and oxygen are also useless as of now, but will be later used for somethings regarding nuclear reactors. It will also be used to make Heavy Water, another currently useless (and not obtainable) liquid.

An electrolyzer must be placed with a tank above and below to hold the liquids / gasses from electrolysis. Place the electrolyzer next to the EU storage block as usual. Once the tanks are in place, you can shift-right-click with a water container to fill the electrolyzer.

Simply place the Water Cells directly to the left of the energy storage display, and as they are removed from the stack and filled with energy, they will be placed in a slot directly to the right of the energy storage display. From there, they may be removed to store for later or left in place to discharge as needed.

Each electrolyzer will only connect to a single storage block and it must be directly adjacent; additional adjacent storage blocks are ignored. Up to 5 Electrolyzers may be attached to a storage unit while leaving space for a single cable.

Speed is 2 x 4 ^ (tierlevel) EU per tick. Energy loss is 2000 * (3 — tierlevel).

batbox tierlevel = 0, MFE tierlevel = 1, MFSU tierlevel =2

batbox = 2 EU/sec, returns 14kEU per electrocell (70% efficiency)

MFE = 8 EU/sec, 16kEU per electrocell (80% efficiency)

MFSU = 32 EU/sec, 18kEU per electrocell (90% efficiency)

Water cells always require 20kEU to convert into an electrocell.

Efficiency is only lost when a water cell is FULLY charged (and converted). A system that halts charging a water cell at less than 20kEU will maintain perfect efficiency on the discharge (creating no electrocells).

Electrolyzers acts as an additional storage device for your MFE/MFSU that, while slow to charge and discharge, can be disassembled and stored, etc. A full Electrolyzer (64 Electrolyzed Water Cells) stores 1.02-1.15 Million EU (MFE vs MFSU), saving precious diamonds. Up to 5 Electrolyzers can be placed around a single MFE, extending its potential storage capacity 8.5x (after 80% efficiency), without any diamonds. Additional cells can be manually loaded/unloaded, allowing an infinite potential storage capacity if maintained.

Transporting Electrolyzed cells by foot is simple and easy, and may actually be more efficient than extremely long distance transmission lines. High-voltage cable reaches 80% efficiency at 410 blocks of transmission.

To automate with mods like BuildCraft and RedPower

    pump in/out on the top and any s >Recipe

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